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BioMed Core Facilities

About BioMed Core Facilities

Brown University’s Core Research Facilities function at the level of service, research and teaching. Serving as centers of intellectual exchange and collaboration, each technology-focused core provides a broad spectrum of investigators access to cutting edge instrumentation, current technologies and expert consultation.

Core Instrumentation Snapshot

The facilities are financed by a mixed funding model that includes grant awards, user fees and institutional support. Additional cost effectiveness and efficiency are achieved by decreased equipment duplication, economies of scale, improved quality control and rapid turnaround times. Advanced technology platforms of similar scale and productivity would not be financially feasible for any individual lab to purchase, upgrade and maintain.

Each facility is staffed by highly trained personnel that provide exceptional customer service and resource management. Having a philosophy of being broadly inclusive and equally accessible, these service facilities are available to researchers at academic, government, non-profit and commercial organizations. A variety of classroom, workshop, and individual training initiatives are sponsored by many of the facilities.

The timely acquisition of new instrumentation and the frequent implementation of new technologies facilitate faculty recruitment, support research funding and synergize collaboration. The Core Research Facilities include: