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CoresRI is a directory of core research facilities, services, and instrumentation in Rhode Island.

Shared Resources

CoresRI.org is a statewide partnership connecting scientists to shared research services and technologies.

Rhode Island universities, colleges and academic medical centers across the state collaborated to develop CoresRI.org—a directory of core research facilities, services and instrumentation in Rhode Island. In addition to encouraging equipment sharing and reducing duplication of services, CoresRI.org fosters collaborations and enables investigators to better assess future shared equipment needs.

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Search for a specific piece of equipment from nearly 1,000 instruments.
Search for tools and research resources across more than thirty core facilities and laboratories.
Browse the catalog by category--from behavioral phenotyping to transgenics and gene targeting.
Find detailed information about scientific instrumentation available at twenty academic and medical institutions around the state.
Access high-end equipment and specialty services at research centers across Rhode Island.

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