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Olympus VS200 Slide Scanner

Automated slide scanner for imaging fluorescence and brightfield (e.g. H&E slides).


slide scannThe Olympus VS200 Slide Scanner can scan standard histology slides (e.g. H&E staining) and slides labeled with fluorescent indicators.  It is equipped for imaging standard 1x3" slides, as well as 2x3", 3x4" and 4x5" slides.  The automated slide holder can hold 90 standard slides (can be increased to 200 slides with additional trays).  This system is ideally suited for imaging a large field of view at high resolution.  

VS200 Slide Scanner



The system is equipped with the following objectives and filter cubes:

  • 2x ACH Objective
  • 10x UPLXAPO Objective NA 0.40, WD 3.1 mm
  • 20x XAPO Objective
  • 40x dry UPLXAPO Objective NA 0.95, WD 0.18 mm, W/CC
  • 40x oil  UPLXAPO objective, NA 1.40, WD 0.13 mm 
  • DAPI: OSF-DAPIZLEDBX3 * 1 DAPI LED Filter Set 378/52X/BS409/447/60M 
  • FITC: OSF-FITCZLEDBX3 * 1 FITC LED Filter Set 474/27X/BS495/525/45M 
  • mCherry: OSF-MCHZLEDBX3 * 1 MCherry LED Filter Set 578/21X/BS596/641/75M 
  • TRITC: OSF-TRITCZLEDBX3 * 1 TRITC LED Filter Set 554/23X/BS573/609/54M 
  • Cy5:  OSF-CY5ZLEDBX3 * 1 Cy5 LED Filter Set 635/18X/BS652/680/42M