Division of Biology and Medicine
BioMed Core Facilities

Luminescence Microscope

Sidney Frank Hall, Room 117

The Luminescence Microscope The Luminescence Microscope slide

The Bioimaging Facility houses a Photon Imaging Microscope capable of imaging bioluminescent and chemiluminescent indicators on a cellular level. In contrast to fluorescent indicators, luminescent indicators do not require an exciting light beam, thus circumventing problems of photobleaching and phototoxicity. Luminescent indicators such as luciferin (detects luciferase expression), luminol (detects reactive oxygen species), or aequorin (detects intracellular calcium) can be imaged in living cells for days on end, without disturbing the cells under investigation. The Photon Imaging Microscope consists of a Zeiss Axiovert 100TV inverted microscope and a Photometrics Cascade II EMCCD camera.